Monarchs of the West Saxons (Wessex)


The earliest kings of Wessex predate many written sources.  Wessex was one of the seven kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons. Besides Wessex they included Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, and Sussex. The year 865 saw the arrival of the Great Heathen Army in East Anglia. One by one the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were defeated by the Danes (Vikings). By the close of the ninth century the last four independent kingdoms of England had been reduced to just one. Wessex was the only remaining kingdom not destroyed by the Vikings. Alfred the Great Wessex became the core of a unified England. His grandson, Athelstan was the first King of England.

Cerdic (519–534)

Creoda (534?) Likely disputed 

Cynric (534–560)

Ceawlin (560–591)

Ceol (591–597)

Ceolwulf (597–611)

Cynegils (611–643)

Cwichelm (626–636)

Cenwalh (643–645)

Centwine (probable) (645–648)

Cenwalh (648–672) (restored to the throne)

Seaxburh (672–674)

Cenfus (674)

Aescwine (674–676)

Centwine (676–685)


Caedwalla (685–688)

Ine (688–726)

Athelheard (726–740)

Cuthred (740–756)

Sigeberht (756–757)

Cynewulf (757–786)

Beorhtric (786–802)

Egbert (802–839)

Athelwulf (839–858)

Athelbald (858–860)

Athelbert (860–865)

Athelred (865–871)

Alfred the Great (871–899)

Edward the Elder (899–924)

Alfweard (924), son of Edward, ruled for 16 days.

Athelstan (924–927), after 927 ruled as King of the English.