Barton Manor


Q Do I receive interest on the holding deposit?

A No, due to the administration required. However, in return each resident receives at no cost what so ever, comprehensive services as per our listed services via a full-time housekeeper.

Q How can I pay the deposit?

A your deposit purchase of the renewable 5 Year Lease/Agreement and is paid by cheque by way of an Exchange of Contract.

Q What frequency do I pay my rent?

A All payments are made by standing orders on a calendar month basis.

Q Do I need references?

A A bank reference is all that is required.

Q Are there any administration fees?

A All the administration fees are covered by NGR Properties, including the renewal every 5 years.

Q How long before I can move in?

A This depends on your circumstances and is generally agreed by negotiation, but one month is normal.

Q How secure is my tenancy?

A If you opt for a 1-year Shorthold Tenancy, you can only be given notice within the period for serious breach of the Contract. If you opt for a 5-year Lease, unless it is for a reason under the unacceptable nuisance clause, which is highly unlikely, notice cannot be given.

Q Do I have the option to purchase the apartment?

A Yes, there is an option to purchase.

Q What is the situation if I want to terminate the tenancy agreement early?

A If the reasons are for illness, personal family problems which are severe, then notice can be agreed between both parties. A reasonable notice term under these circumstances, could be 3 months.

Q Are there any tax implications/advantages with this scheme?

A Each resident would have different tax liabilities and it would be advisable to discuss this with your accountant.

Q What is the situation if I have a problem neighbour?

A For the benefit of all our residents, there is a nuisance clause within the contract. If ever a problem arose, it would be dealt with by us and there is required court action. All costs would be paid for by Barton Manor apartments.

Q Coming out of the property market and realising my main asset feels very good until I realise that whilst I now have, for the first time, a fairly substantial pile of money to enjoy, I don't have any security by utilising my option of renting my home for the future, I am at the mercy of the dreaded Landlord.

A That's correct! The tenancy laws, to date, across the country favours the Landlord and they can give notice at any time whereby you may find yourself finding a wonderful new home but having to move out after six months. However, this is not so at Barton Manor. Whilst you pay monthly for your apartment, your Bond/Deposit, which is returnable, secures you either a full one-year Tenancy ot a five-year Lease. A full 5 years with a fixed market rental and no increases throughout the entire period.

Q What happens at the end of 5 years when the apartment has really become my home and I wish to stay?

A That is precisely what we hope will happen. Furthermore, we encourage you to sign a new 5 year contract by having a Contractual Agreement from the outset. That limits any rental increase at the start of each new contract to a maximum of 10%. At today's prices, that equates to a maximum increase of only £27.50 after 5 years, at which time, with rentals increasing as they have over the last 10 years, your payments get discounted the longer you stay.

Q What are the Legal Costs involved at renewal and is there any other financial costs?

A None whatsoever. We cover all legal costs. You just sign a new contract which binds us both for the next 5 years of your Agreement.

Q What if you wished to sell up?

A That is highly unlikely as all our properties are in Trust. In any event, your Lease/Tenancy is protected and would be completely unaffected. You have Tenancy rights which ensure that all the services which we provide as per our brochure and website, must be by Law continued throughout the Agreement. In any event, our entire Portfolio is set up to Manage and own for the foreseeable future.

Q You do read occasionally of nightmare neighbours. What if you find yourself lumbered with one moving into your wonderful complex and other residents were affected?

A Our system of vetting, whilst not foolproof, ensures that these risks are minimised and if, for the first time it were to happen, your Agreement holds nuisance clauses which would, through the Courts alleviate the problems swiftly. Our recipe for a wonderful tranquil lifestyle works very well indeed. Each apartment has the highest acoustic qualities possible whereby sound is not able to travel and cause problems. In the main, all floors are concrete based and not timber joists. All walls are acoustic panelled. Floors are generously underlayed and cushioned with quality fitted carpets.

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