Chocolate Making Experiences


Treat yourself or friends and family to a morning or afternoon at Le Salon Du Chocolat and enjoy either of our Half Day Chocolate Experiences detailed below.

There are two different Half Day Experiences available and neither requires any chocolate or cookery knowledge – just a pure passion for indulgence and fun!! Each option offers the same amount of chocolate to make and take home, you just need to choose which sounds the most appealing to you!!

Solid Chocolate Moulding - fruits, nuts, oils & spices to flavour

Whilst you enjoy a coffee and devour a platter of chocolate buttons, your chocolatier will give you a brief introduction to how chocolate is made from bean to bar before selecting what you would like to make from a range of professional chocolate moulds. These include shapes such as sweets, chocolate bars and lollies, to novelty shapes such as frogs, turtles and hearts, golf balls, flowers, cars and seasonal moulds. Then, using carefully prepared luxury Belgian chocolate, you begin to fill your moulds flavouring with fruits, nuts, oils and spices if you wish. The final part of your Experience is to hand wrap all that you have made into carefully selected bags and boxes and decorate with coloured ribbons ready to take home to share with your friends and family, or simply keep for your own indulgence! Please note that there is the option to use nut and dairy based ingredients on this Experience. You will make around forty chocolates and this Experience gives the wider choice of novelty shapes and flavours.

Soft Centres & Truffles

You will be welcomed with tea and coffee and a platter of chocolate buttons while we give a brief introduction of how chocolate is made from cocoa beans. During your time at Le Salon Du Chocolat you will first make your Belgian chocolate hollow cases using professional moulds. You will then pipe in a variety of praline cream, hazelnut crisp and caramel soft centres before backfilling your mould with liquid chocolate to seal. Then hand rolling cream ganache, you form your truffle centres before dipping into milk, white and dark chocolate and roll in a variety of delicious flavoured coatings. You will make at least forty individual chocolates that will be packed into lovely boxes and decorated with wonderful coloured ribbons to take home and impress your friends and family.

Please note that nut, dairy and alcohol-based ingredients will be used on this Experience.

Chocolate Experience Half Day Prices

Individual Bookings: £49 per person (suggest children over 14 years)


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