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Your Hosts at Barton Manor

Nigel & Sara have owned Barton Manor for over 40 years and The Gatehouse became their family home. Nigel originally developed Barton Manor as a Residential Hotel for the Elderly but as time moved on, they explored Barton Manor's comprehensive history via St James Palace, which dated the Manor back to around the 7th Century. The final development of Barton Manor came about in 2010 when they created 7 apartments and designed them to combine 21st Century internal design within an incredible historic building for their holiday guests to enjoy to the fullest.

The "Barton" or "Manor", Nyetimber, Pagham.

Over a thousand years ago, an incredibly wealthy churchman built The Chapel as a private Chapel of Worship.  It became derelict in the late 18th Century and was renovated and re-built by Mr William Fletcher and  his architect, Mr H. L. F. Guermonprez in 1902.  The original Chapel was almost twice the length that it is now.

The Saxon Aula, with its herringbone walls and arched entrance dates back to around the 7th Century and there are two wells beside the entrance, which still supplies fresh water to this day.

Our wonderful new Oak-framed carport caters for electric car parking and has  been built over the Anglo-Saxon and Roman ruins.  Before this work was carried out, an Archeological dig took place whereby all measurements of the ruins and foundations were recorded.




Bo the Border Collie

Bo spends a great deal of her time walking and swimming down at the beach by Pagham harbour and the wetlands.

Scarlet the GW Macaw

Scarlet is the most colourful of our pets and talkative! He is nearly 35 years old and stands 'guard' in the sunlounge, over looking the gardens.

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